PM Press Outspoken Authors Series

SF Strangelove
July 25th, 2011

Kim Stanley Robinson, The Lucky Strike, 123 pages, PM Press 2009
Eleanor Arnason, Mammoths of the Great Plains, 145 pages, PM Press 2010
Michael Moorcock, Modern Times 2.0, 123 pages, PM Press 2011
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wild Girls, 102 pages, PM Press 2011

I would like to call attention to PM Press and the Outspoken Authors series. I’ve purchased four of these so far.  They are slightly larger than mass market paperbacks and are superior as physical objects as well as for their content. Each volume contains one or two pieces of short fiction, an essay by the author, an interview conducted by Terry Bisson, and a bibliography. The fiction selections are strong. The interviews are surprisingly good. The Eleanor Arnason has a long novella making its original appearance. Arnason is an important author who hasn’t reached as large an audience as she should. I recommend seeking out this series.

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