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Islamic Anarchism

Some would think that Islam and anarchism make an odd couple. But several people have been trying to reconcile the two during the past 150 years. While the number of scholarly articles on the topic has increased, the most accessible overview of this peculiar history has been offered by Anthony T. Fiscella in his zine “Varieties of Islamic Anarchism: A Brief Introduction”. Since 2012, it has been available on the website of Alpine Anarchist Productions, a DIY publishing outfit I founded in the year 2000. Since we’ve been uploading texts online (once upon a time, AAP was strictly print), this has been the most accessed text of them all. Now, there is a brand-new, updated version available, which – of course – I highly recommend. If you take issue with some of the contents, so be it. That’s half the point. But you won’t regret reading this!

You’ll find PDFs both for online reading pleasure and for printing out your own zine here – next to plenty of other material uploaded by AAP over the years.

(October 2018)

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