Gabriel Kuhn on the subversive side of football – audio

Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics

Workers Solidarity Movement
May 27th, 2011

PM Press author Gabriel Kuhn gave a talk on the subversive side of football to the 2011 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair. This is the recording of that talk and the discussion that followed.
“Soccer versus the State: Tackling Football and Radical Politics” is the latest book by Gabriel who published four books with PM Press in the last year.Soccer has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Professionalism and commercialization dominate its global image. Yet the game retains a rebellious side, maybe more so than any other sport co-opted by money makers and corrupt politicians. From its roots in working-class England to political protests by players and fans, and a current radical soccer underground, the notion of football as the “people’s game” has been kept alive by numerous individuals, teams, and communities.
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