Signal 01: A Review

by Ross Bradshaw
Five Leaves

September 1st, 2010

Colin Ward keeps getting mentioned in this blog. Fans of his will know he edited the journal Anarchy for ten years. People (well, me and a handful of of others) are still collecting the back issues. Virtually all featured wrap round covers designed by Rufus Segar. For some time now Dan Poyner has also been collecting the series, with a view to something – a book, an exhibition, a website – featuring the covers of the magazines. The new American “journal of international political graphics and culture”, Signal, features many of the covers and a long interview with Rufus by Dan, about the design process primarily. He was sent a postcard (oh, those innocent days) listing the articles and given a free hand to produce the cover. This is the first time I’ve seen so many of them together, other than on my shelves, making a good start on Dan’s bigger project, which is about the art, but also the politics that made Anarchy such essential reading, even for those of us who were more interested in marbles than politics when the mag first started in 1961. Copies are available from

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