New American Vegan in San Francisco Book Review

By Amy Steele
Entertainment Realm
February 2012

by Holly Scudero
San Francisco Book Review
March 19, 2012

Vegan cookery remains a new frontier for many home chefs; many new vegans are not sure where to start, while experienced vegans may still have a hard time building an appealing meal that is also both nutritionally balanced and tasty. Fortunately, an ever-growing library of vegan cookbooks help to bridge that knowledge gap, and New American Vegan is a worthy addition. Vincent Guihan has assembled quite a collection of recipes here, ranging from vegan standbys such as Tomato Herb Sauce and Simple Vinaigrette Salad Dressing to more unique offerings like Tofu and Kale Hot Pocket and Tangy Pumpkin, Tomato, and Jalapeño Soup. There is an entire chapter devoted to sauces alone, which can be mixed and matched with different pastas, salads, and entrees, such as Tofu Cutlets and Light Seitan Cutlets, for endless mealtime possibilities. The recipes are extremely detailed, almost to the point of being tiresome for anyone used to cooking at home. Also included are tips on cooking techniques, which could be invaluable for new cooks, as well as listings of recommended kitchen equipment and pantry necessities, both of which seem to be staples in most vegan cookbooks. The main thing these recipes lack is an estimated yield; not knowing approximately how many people each recipe will feed makes meal planning difficult.

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