Switchblade—a different slice of hardboiled fiction where the dreamers and the schemers, the dispossessed and the damned, and the hobos and the rebels tango at the edge of society.

Switchblade is a noir imprint showcasing the grittiest in new work, illuminating the lamentably unavailable classics in the genre, and highlighting the shadows on the margins of the dark end of the street.

Series Editors: Gary Phillips and Andrea Gibbons

“If readers haven’t gotten hip to Switchblade yet they need to . . . they are very much like the Black Lizard of the new century, especially when it comes to finding the new talent that the community hasn’t heard of yet.”
Spinetingler Magazine

The Jook
The Chieu Hoi Saloon
The Wrong Thing
Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!: Stories of Crime, Love and Rebellion
Prudence Couldn’t Swim
Nearly Nowhere

“My current publisher crush has got to be PM Press’s Switchblade line.”
Jedidiah Ayres, Ransom Notes: the Barnes & Noble Mystery Blog