Freedom Press

The oldest anarchist publishing house in the English-speaking world, Freedom Press was founded in London by a group of volunteers including Charlotte Wilson and Peter Kropotkin in 1886.

The Press has repeatedly been the target of state repression, from crackdowns in the 1890s to raids during World War I and most famously, at the end of World War II. The 1945 free speech case, which saw four editors of its journal War Commentary arrested for causing “disaffection in the armed forces,” prompted support from many famous names including Herbert Read, George Orwell, Benjamin Britten, and E.M. Forster. Three were jailed.

Despite this and many other threats, from fascists to organised crime, for over a century Freedom has regularly published works on the philosophy and activities of anarchists, and produced its Freedom Newspaper for the best part of a century. Freedom now maintains an anarchist-focused news site,, and publishes a biannual free journal.

Freedom runs Britain’s largest anarchist bookshop at its home of more than 50 years in Whitechapel, in the heart of London. The upper floors of the Freedom building are home to a number of anarchist organisations, and the venue regularly hosts talks, meetings, and events for the wider movement.

Freedom Press has partnered with PM Press to republish titles from Freedom’s back catalogue, bringing important works back into circulation with new introductions and additional commentary.

Freedom Press
84b Whitechapel High St
London, E1 7QX