Autumn Leaves Bookstore


We have limited parking in the rear of the store for people bring us boxes of books they are selling.
Downtown parking is FREE on evenings and weekends at the meters and at the garages!

History of the Building

2013-2015 The Ithaca Commons was completely rebuilt with the current new design

March 2001 — Joseph Wetmore bought 115 E State Street and moved Autumn Leaves Used Books to its new location 115 E State Street.

March 1993 — Autumn Leaves Used Books opens at 108 E State Street.

1974-1975 Faced with prospects of a mall being built in neighboring Lansing, newly elected Mayor Ed Conley began plans for a pedestrian mall in downtown Ithaca. Under the direction of local architect Anton J. Egner. Construction began in 1974, and the Commons opened in 1975.

1972 Dick and Elizabeth Adams bought  115 E State Street and opens Logos Emporium.

1936  The Building at 115 E State Street was probably built for J. C. Penney’s, which moved from across the street from its previous location at 120 E State Street, into this new Art Deco building features black Carrara glass panels on the front. J.C. Penney was founded in 1902 and became  one of the United States largest apparel and home furnishing retailers. 

A quick history of The Ithaca Commons

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