Rachel Pollack

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Rachel Pollack melds the literary, the political, and the spiritual in her own unique way. An award-winning SF and fantasy author (Unquenchable Fire and Godmother Night), she is also an esteemed Tarot Grand Master with followers and students around the world. A progressive voice in the transgender community and a trusted guide to the ancient traditions of spiritualism, she taught writing at Goddard college for over a decade.

The Beatrix Gates

The Beatrix Gates

SKU: 9781629635781
Author: Rachel Pollack
Publisher: PM Press / Outspoken Authors
ISBN: 9781629635781
Published: 1/2019
Format: Paperback, ePub, mobi, PDF
Size: 5 x 7.5
Page count: 128
Subjects: Science Fiction / Queer Fiction


“Rachel Pollack’s The Beatrix Gates is a marvelous example of how sci-fi can remythologize the terms of common experience to elucidate and give new and deeper meaning.”
Lambda Book Report

The Beatrix Gates is a stunning study in identity and mutability. It can be read most easily as a story about transexualism or simply a powerful examination of difference and its more positive consequences, as well as a subtle investigation of exactly what makes our identities.”
Green Man Review

“One of the most gifted and sensitive fantasists working today.”
Publishers Weekly

“Rachel Pollack is one of the most consistently interesting and individual writers working in the fantasy and science fiction slipstream. Here be magick, real people, alternative worlds, and a fully mature creative consciousness.”
—Geoff Ryman, author of WAS

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