Paul Park

Paul Park

A native of New England with Southern roots, Paul Park climaxed his “wanderjahr” in Asia and the Middle East with his Sugar Rain Trilogy, which established him immediately as a writer to watch. His fascinated readers have since followed him into Christian theology, the anatomy of colonialism, and the limits and possibilities of metafictional narrative. His diverse work includes narrations of museum exhibits with artist Steven Vitiello, and lectures on storytelling at Comicon and nonhuman sentience at Berlin’s Max Planck Institute. Meanwhile he has taught writing in a thirty-year career at major universities. He lives in western Massachusetts and currently teaches at Williams College.

A City Made of Words

A City Made of Words

SKU: 9781629636429
Author: Paul Park
Publisher: PM Press/Outspoken Authors
ISBN: 9781629636429
Published: 06/2019
Format: Paperback
Size: 5 x 7.5
Page count: 128
Subjects: Science Fiction


“Paul Park is a brilliant, stunning, frightening writer, a major talent.”
—Gene Wolfe

“Paul Park is one of the most gifted and subtle story writers I know.”
—Jonathan Lethem

“Entering a Paul Park universe means slipping into an eerily compelling plane where nearly palpable visions transform as disturbing as the images in a sexually charged fever dream.”
Publishers Weekly

“Complex, elusive, haunting, written in a transparent prose that slips you from one world to another with prestidigitous ease.”
—Ursula K. Le Guin

“Paul Park’s short stories are blunt, funny, distressing, strange, true—all these qualities, often all at once.”
—Kim Stanley Robinson

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