Lee Camp

Lee Camp

Lee Camp is an American comedian, writer, activist, and host and co-creator of the hit comedy news show Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp and Redacted Tonight: VIP on RT America. He’s a former Headline writer for the Onion and a former staff humor writer for the Huffington Post. He has performed thousands of stand-up comedy shows throughout the US and internationally. He’s also the creator and host of the web show Moment of Clarity. His other books include Moment of Clarity, and his 2018 stand-up comedy special Not Allowed on American TV has received rave reviews. He’s also the cohost of the weekly podcast Common Censored.

Bullet Points and Punch Lines: The Most Important Commentary Ever Written On the Epic American Tragicomedy

Bullet Points and Punch Lines: The Most Important Commentary Ever Written on the Epic American Tragicomedy

SKU: 9781629637853
Author: Lee Camp • Foreword: Chris Hedges • Introduction: Jimmy Dore
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 9781629637853
Published: 3/1/2020
Format: Paperback
Size: 5 x 8
Subjects: Political Science/Humor


“Lee Camp’s book Bullet Points and Punch Lines is profound, compelling, and truly hilarious. He has the best comedic mind I’ve seen since Lenny Bruce, and he combines it with important journalism. I can’t recommend this book enough.”
—Robert Scheer, founder of Truthdig

“Lee Camp is a rare prophetic voice in a field of formulaic blowhards and political opportunists. His writing showcases his unique ability to tear our political establishment to shreds and to then smash those shreds with a righteous hammer until we see the elite forces that rule our lives in their truest form—as an utterly hilarious farce of bipartisan idiocy.”
—Max Blumenthal, author of Goliath

“One of a handful keeping my father’s torch lit.”
—Kelly Carlin (George Carlin’s daughter)

“Lee Camp has found the hole in America’s brain where reason has been replaced by Walmart. Lee’s rants channel the gunk oozing out. You have to admit, that’s why he’s so fucking funny.”
—Greg Palast

“Like Jon Stewart of The Daily Show but with sharper teeth.” 

The Herald

“Camp’s show is a masterclass in politically driven comedy. Razor-sharp, witty, acerbic, and somewhat off-the-wall at times, he delivers his on-point political and social messages with the biggest dollop of humor going.” 

—Steven Topple, Canary UK

“For those comedy fans still in mourning for Bill Hicks, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in the work of DC-born stand-up Lee Camp. Like Hicks, Camp has a visceral disregard for big business and big politics, and speaks his mind on everything from abortion rights to the evils of the modern media. However, where Hicks was more of a commentator who stayed above the fray, Camp is much closer to British activist-comics like Mark Thomas, a real-life serial protester.”
The Guardian

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