Grendl Löfkvist

Grendl Löfkvist

Grendl Löfkvist is an instructor in the Visual Media Design Department at City College of San Francisco. She also teaches courses at the San Francisco Center for the Book and is a core instructor in the extended program at Type@CooperWest. She is currently the President of the American Printing History Association’s Northern California Chapter, and she was an offset press operator for 13 years at the politically progressive former Inkworks Press Collective. She continues to work under the imprints of and, and is interested in the study of printing as a subversive “Black Art.”

Black and White: Images from the Archives of Liberation News Service Photographer Howard Epstein, 1968–1974

Black and White: Images from the Archives of Liberation News Service Photographer Howard Epstein, 1968–1974

SKU: 9781629635033
Photograher: Howa rd Epstein • Introduction by Ken Light • Editor Grendl Löfkvist
Publisher: PM Press/Inkworks
ISBN: 9781629635033
Published: 11/2017
Format: Paperback, mobi, ePub, PDF
Size: 10 x 8
Page count: 72
Subjects: Photography/Political Activism


“Howard Epstein’s photos from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s are amazingly evocative, even tender, yet without being sentimental. In several, it’s as if Epstein caught the protagonists at moments when they were trying to explain themselves and their passions to their uncomprehending antagonists (usually, but not always, police officers). They were angry, fearful, defiant, hopeful, but not cartoonish, versions of those emotions—rather, they were compounds of beliefs and disbeliefs on the part of human beings thinking and feeling their ways toward justice and the public good under high pressure. This is very fine work.”
—Todd Gitlin, professor of journalism, Columbia University

“The photographs in Black and White are a vital part of the history of this country’s socially conscious documentary photography. Howard Epstein’s pictures show dramatically what anti–Vietnam War demonstrators were up against when the police, and even soldiers, were called out against them. Whether fighting for childcare, against budget cuts, or in defense of labor and civil rights, Liberation News Service brought these and other photographs to the people’s movement. Especially relevant for photographers shooting today, this book is a link to the courageous work of our movement’s history.”
—David Bacon, photojournalist and political organizer

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