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Praise for Jim Feast’s Time Extends Life to Those Who Survive

“These poems, written by Jim Feast and addressed to his wife Nhi Chung, are full of passion, sensuality and physicality. Feast and Chung might be in many ways ordinary people, but the poems bring out a side that is extraordinary.”—Thad Rutkowski, Gathering of the Tribes magazine

“Jim Feast’s collection, Time Extends Life to Those Who Survive, is a tour de force of love poetry and quite possibly the best collection of “new” poetry that I have read in years. It is an assassin of a collection that sneaks up on the reader whom is not really meant feel this much love on the page and kills them with some of the most tender lyrics no one is reading.” —Jason Gallagher at Gainsayer

“Jim Feast has created an epic, cross-cultural love song the marries East and West, prose and poetry, memoir and history. .. and does it with jazzy, fluid inventiveness.” —Elaine Equi, author of Sentences and Rain