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Praise for Jim Feast’s Long Day, Counting Tomorrow:

“The novel is funny and deeply disturbing.  With a Rabelaisian touch, Feast lays bare homophobia and corporate and individual greed.To read Long Day, Counting Tomorrowis like joining the AIDS protest march in the center of the novel. We keep losing and finding each other as the crowd expands, moves, stands still, throngs forward.   Even your own child or partner slips away and then perhaps reappears.  Some, however, are lost forever.” —Barbara Henning, originally in Fifth Estate

“Long Day, Counting Tomorrow is a loopy, vinegary, but ultimately – and unexpectedly – solemn tale of narcissists and wisecrackers, junkies and AIDS activists, trying to make  sense of an epidemic that has always been a matter of politics and prejudice as much as viral countss  and body fluids.” —Patrick E. Horrigan, author of Portraits at an Exhibition