International Workers’ Day Sale

Although the 8-hour work day is entrenched in law thanks to our forefolks, many worker protections have been rolled back, corporations evade 8-hour mandates by calling their employees ‘contractors’ and in some cases just ignore health and safety protections all-together. Mainstream organizations seek to normalize “the hustle” of side-jobs where people are reduced to hand-to-mouth precarity with no support and demonize (and demoralize) anyone not rushing to be churned down for low-paying, insecure, highly exploitative jobs.

It’s no wonder then that “Union Election Petitions Increase 57% In First Half of Fiscal Year 2022. During the first six months of Fiscal Year 2022 (October 1–March 31), union representation petitions filed at the NLRB have increased 57%—up to 1,174 from 748 during the first half of FY2021.”— NLRB

We are at a tipping point.

With exciting wins and incredible gains, from the sustained strike by the United Mine Workers of America, the contractual wins for Kelloggs workers, the formation of the Amazon Workers Union, the Alphabet Workers Union (Google), Starbucks Workers United movement spreading like wild-fire and many many more, this moment is unparalleled for organizing new labor protections and wins.

Let’s learn from our history to continue to inspire our future.

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