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RUIN and Utopias of the Third Kind— Can’t Miss Indie Press Speculative Fiction for March and April 2022

By Tobias Carroll

Ominous Things That Are Not Necessarily Apocalyptic (But Might Be)

Blurbs don’t always get my attention, but when both Vanessa Veselka and Paul Tremblay are raving about your book, that’s bound to catch my eye. The book in question is Cara Hoffman’s collection Ruin, which encompasses everything from talking animals to children making use of strange disguises. Turns out blending the sinister and the surreal makes for a compelling combination. (April 5, 2022; PM Press)

There Are Also Reasons to Be Optimistic

You may well have read some of Vandana Singh’s short fiction in these very (digital) pages. Now, she has a book due out as part of PM Press’s excellent Outspoken Authors series. Utopias of the Third Kind brings together fiction and nonfiction that finds Singh exploring the notion of what a utopia could be and how we might get there. (March 22, 2022; PM Press)

Utopias of the Third Kind